A New School for Son La

Clack, clamp, scrape. Clack, clamp, scrape. The sound of a shovel dragging up against the dirt. On a warm April afternoon, a team of men are at working leveling the hilly grounds of Son La  province. They move with methodical precision, making sure the land is pat and the bricks are laid out tightly atop each other.

Here, a school will be built.

Son La is the fifth largest province in Vietnam. It is a mountainous region with rolling valleys, dense forestry, and intersecting rivers. It is also home to a large minority population, who, because of language, cultural, and resource barriers, are more likely to be poor than the typical Vietnamese citizen.

Last month, VNHELP joined resources with Giz Corporation in Germany, the Center for Sustainable Development Studies’s Sustainable Development Club, and Volunteer for Peace Vietnam to build a new school for Van Ho village in Son La’s Moc Chau district.  The school will be completed in a few month’s time, and once it’s done, it will be a space for primary school students to gather, learn and play.



VNHELP is nonprofit that provides humanitarian and development assistance to Vietnam. We focus on individual and community building by tackling the key education and health needs of Vietnam's poor. We work towards a future where all individuals, regardless of background or standing in life, can achieve self-sufficiency, self-determination, and self-confidence.
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